ReportLayer supports line, bar, and pie charts. This demo shows all three. At the top of the report is an "unbound" section (not linked to any data) that will appear once in the final output. It contains a pie chart and a line chart. Each of those two charts has its data source set to a different array in the report's data.

Click a chart in the designer to see how the chart has a data source and also "label field" and "value field" properties that control the values in the X axis and Y axis (in the case of the pie chart, the value field determines the pie slice size).

Click the "Data" button at the very top of the designer to see the sample data driving this report.

The lower report section is bound to an array of data in the report data, so it will repeat once for each record in that array. It contains a bar chart element, and that element has access to a nested array inside the top-level array. Each chart in this repeating section will show data from the nested array inside its top-level data record. Click the chart to see its properties.

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