The Image element lets you add images, like logos, to your reports.

An image element in the ReportLayer designer

To add an image, select a report section by clicking it, then click the + icon in the left margin and select Image.

When you add an Image element to a template, you'll see an option in the properties on the left to upload an image file. You can click on the dashed area to select a file from your local computer, or drag a file directly onto the dashed area to upload it. You can change the image at any time by selecting the image element and uploading a different image file.

Images that you upload in the Playground are linked to that template and cannot be shared across templates. They are also public, because all Playground templates are public.

Images that you upload in a ReportLayer account can be managed independently of templates and shared between templates in your account. All images in your ReportLayer account are private to your account.