The Table element shows data and/or static text arranged in a table. Rows can be drawn from a data source, or can be static. Cell contents are text and can include formatting and data expressions.

A table element in the ReportLayer designer

Creating a table element

Click into a report section to select it, then click the + menu in the left margin and select Table to add a new Table to that section.

Editing cell contents

Click once on the table to select it, then click once again on a single cell to select the cell. The cell's properties will now appear in the property pane on the left.

Cells accept a free-form text value, similarly to Text elements. That means you can insert data fields and expressions the same way you would in a Text element. Data fields are drawn from the Table's data source when the Table's Row Source Type is "Data." Otherwise, if the Table is not linked to its own data source, then data fields are drawn from the root report data object.

Adding and removing columns

To insert or remove a single column:

  1. Click the table once to select it.
  2. Click once again on a single cell, to select the cell.
  3. Click the blue "..." tab above the column, and choose to either insert or remove a column in the drop-down menu.

To add or remove multiple columns at once, select the table and enter a new number in the "Columns" property in the properties pane. Note: When reducing the number of columns this way, columns are removed from the right side. To choose which columns to remove, use the numbered steps above.

Setting the data source

To make your table show rows from your data source, set its "Row source type" property drop-down to "Data," then choose a data source in the "Data source" drop-down. Available data sources are any arrays in your sample data.

Tables without a data source

You might want to show a table in your report that shows only static contents, instead of having dynamic rows from your data. In that case, set the Table's "Row source type" property in the drop-down to "Fixed." Then set the desired number of static rows in the "Number of rows" field. You can set the contents of those rows by selecting the cells in the designer and setting the value in the properties pane.

Resizing columns

Click the table once to select it, then hover the mouse over the divider between two columns. Click and drag the divider to resize the column.